AML Scope

The AML/KYC requirements apply to financial intermediaries which are persons who on a professional basis accept, hold assets belonging to others or who assist in the investment or transfer of such assets.

AML Supervision

To fulfill AML supervision requirements financial intermediaries will be supervised by the regulator or a SRO.

General due diligence

Identifying the individual person is required before entering into business transaction. The identification process may be outsourced to a third party provider.

Video identification

Financial intermediaries can onboard clients via video transmission. FINMA has therefore put the video identification of the contracting party equal to in-person identification.

Online identification

Financial intermediaries can onboard clients via online transmission. The online identification equates to identification through correspondence.

Token & AML

FINMA’s finding over the last years indicates that money laundering and securities regulation are the most relevant to ICOs. Does AML apply to all token types?

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